Denial Management Services

The important goal of Denial Management Process is to reduce the number of denials. 

Medical Billing is a critical part in determining the financial success of a practice. A rejected claim contains one or more errors and fails to meet specific formatting,  all speciality billing, coding criteria and data requirement.

To accomplish this task, we perform a through root cause analysis, to estimate the right solution for fixing the particular issue, to take the corrective action and submit the claim for payment.

We have successful qualitative and quantitative experience in Denial Management Services. We have team of experienced professional, subject matter experts, who can cater to your requirements with precision.

We follow best practices for managing claims denials so reimbursement process is seem less. 

An alternative to immediate collection agency placement
Provider can maintain good patient/provider relations
Overall improvement of financial performance, cash flow and profitability.
We successfully secure full benefits of claims previously denied
Submission of medical or operative records